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While creating table .

A error messege is showing SQL Error: ORA-03001: unimplemented feature

    emp_nbr   INTEGER DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL REFERENCES Personnel(emp_nbr) ON
    boss_emp_nbr INTEGER REFERENCES Personnel(emp_nbr),
    UNIQUE (emp_nbr, boss_emp_nbr),
    salary DECIMAL (12,4) NOT NULL CHECK (salary >= 0.00)

How do I declare a foreign key that allows updates to cascade from the parent table and that sets the value to the default (0 in this case) when the parent row is deleted?

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Do you have a question? –  Dwayne Towell Jun 8 at 4:35
Question is ... why it is saying unimplemented feature.. in oracle doc it is proper syntax http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17952_01/refman-5.5-en/create-table-foreign-keys.htm‌​l –  Nisar Jun 8 at 4:41

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Oracle does not support cascading updates. It also does not allow you to set the value to the default when the parent row is deleted. Your two options for an on delete behavior are cascade or set null. Obviously, it wouldn't make sense to define a set null behavior if you want the column to be declared not null.

In general, primary keys ought to be immutable. You shouldn't generally be declaring a column as a primary key if you intend to allow it to be updated. If emp_nbr needs to change (which seems odd), you probably want a different primary key. It also strikes me as odd that you'd want an employee to remain in the OrgChart table if the employee has been removed. If you want to allow an org chart to have a spot with no employee, you'd probably want to allow emp_nbr to be nullable in OrgChart and declare the foreign key to be on delete set null.

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