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I have a form that I only want people to be able to submit if it is from a list of values that are in a json file. The Json file would be {"1","2","3",......}. I have been trying to search all over but I a m unable to find something that works like that. I feel like this is relatively simple but since I am new to jquery/JS its a bit tricky to build from scratch.

If anyone has a good direction to point me that would be super helpful or some handy good -- even better!

Right now I am trying to hack together some code from below but it doesn't seem to want to do the trick.

  $.getJSON("countries.json", function(json) {
    $('#signup').on('submit', function(evt) {
        var user = $('#user').val(), error;
        if (!user)
            error = 'no username entered';
        else if (json.usernames.indexOf(user) != -1)
            error = 'username already taken';
    if (error) { evt.preventDefault(); alert(error); }

<form id='signup'>
    <label>Enter value here</label>
    <input type='text' id='user' />
    <input type='submit' value='submit' />

Thanks! I was also trying to use bootstraps typeahead but it decided to break down with my bootstrap 3.0 css file :|

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You may want to consider using JQuery validation and adding a custom validator, where the validator would perform your Id/usrname check and if successful allow the form to submit, or not otherwise.

In the example below, the custom validation - provided by the "usersExistsCheck" function - covers off your Id check, and the required validation ensures a value is entered.

                         function(value, element) {
                            // Your test on ids/username in here
                         "Can not submit as the user already exists."

      rules: {
          user: { //where user is the id of the user input box.
              required: true,
              userExistsCheck: true

      messages: {
         user: {
               required: "* Required"


Adapted from this blog post: http://randomactsofcoding.blogspot.co.uk/2008/10/starting-with-jquery-how-to-write.html

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You may want to quote the actual text of the blog that describes the solution; in case the blog changes it's url or gets deleted, to mantain the consistency of the answer. –  arielnmz Jun 8 at 7:26
I included a reworked example from the blog. –  brumScouse Jun 8 at 7:49
@brumScouse -- thanks -- I have re worked to include what I think is the correct way to get the validation and attached it below -- it isn't quite working as expected in firefox right now though. Thanks. –  SacredSloth Jun 8 at 15:34

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