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I have a normal standard TextBox in Silverlight.

As a user, I want to switch the text alignment in runtime (the browser) from left to right and the other way around- a modest request I think.

The Ctrl + Shift keys don't work. They do however work for any other Windows application.

What's going on here?


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If you want a clear answer ask a clear question: "What's going on here?" is a bit too unspecific. How about "How do I set up my TextBox to behave that way?". –  Martin Jun 10 at 9:43

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To me your question is not fully clear. But If you want to change allignment of textbox at runtime. This'd work fine:

myTextBox.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center; // or whatever you want

See here for details.

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The problem is in runtime like I mentioned. –  alex Jun 9 at 15:03
@alex: Changing the TextAlignment property is supported at runtime. The Silverlight framework allows for that. –  Martin Jun 12 at 11:41

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