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I need to play a raw YUV file using VLC command line tools along with an audio file.
I am able to play a raw YUV file using following command.

vlc --demux rawvideo --rawvid-fps 25 --rawvid-width 1920 --rawvid-height 1080 --rawvid-chroma I420 input.yuv  

How do I add an audio file to play along side this?.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Found this answer by few manipulations of the command. Here's how I did it. vlc --rawvid-fps 25 --rawvid-width 352 --rawvid-height 288 --rawvid-chroma I420 video.yuv --input-slave=music.wav –  userDtrm Jun 8 at 11:45

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