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i am trying to use Google OAuth to import a user 's contacts. In order to get a consumer and secret key for you app you have to verify your domain at Google allows you to use only domains without ports. I want to test and build the app locally so usually (Facebook, Linkedin apps) i user a reverse SSH tunnel for example

Has anyone use a tunnel with Google OAuth. Does it work? So far I just verified my apps domain but my requests come from the tunnel (different domain) so OAuth fails (although i get to Google and authorize my app)

Any tips, hints ? Thanks

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well after trial and error i found out that the request 's domain is irrelevant

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i just use the official gdata google auth library

Here is some code

    google_auth_url = None
    if not current_user.gmail_authorized:
        google = gdata.contacts.service.ContactsService(source=GOOGLE_OAUTH_SETTINGS['APP_NAME'])
        if not request.vars.oauth_verifier:
            req_token = google.FetchOAuthRequestToken(scopes=GOOGLE_OAUTH_SETTINGS['SCOPES'],
            session['oauth_token_secret'] = req_token.secret
            google_auth_url = google.GenerateOAuthAuthorizationURL()
            oauth_token = gdata.auth.OAuthTokenFromUrl(request.env.request_uri)
            if oauth_token:
                oauth_token.secret = session['oauth_token_secret']
                oauth_token.oauth_input_params = google.GetOAuthInputParameters()
                access_token = google.UpgradeToOAuthAccessToken(oauth_verifier=request.vars.oauth_verifier)
                # store access_tonen

        #google.GetContactsFeed() # do the process or do it in ajax (but first update the user)
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