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why don't the following two php-codes return the same?

Code 1:

$words = "music band sound";
preg_match_all("/\w+/", strtoupper($words), $matches);
$words = $matches[0];

and Code 2:

$words = "music band sound";
$woerter  = strtoupper($words);
$teile = explode(" ", $woerter);
$words = $teile[0];

Can you please help me?

Thank you!

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have you tried to test it altleast? by echoing it you'll simply know what was happening –  Feroz Akbar Jun 8 at 12:42

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Because $teile is the array of words in your second example, and $words = $teile[0]; simply gets the first entry/word from that array. Whereas $words in your first example is the full array.

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Why the $teile[0]? You want $teile.

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Preg_match_all returns an array of arrays. Matches[0] contains all patterns matched by /w+/. You could use matches[0][0] to grab "music".

So matches[0] in the firat example is the equivilant of tiele in the second.


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