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Hello good people of SO. I am building a flash media player for an live audio stream. The server is set up to stream from a url that looks like so:


the instructions i have found say to first set the directory:


and then later play it:


this works when we have discrete filenames on the server (thefilename), but the live stream is not a file - rtmp://ourwowzaserver.net:80/shoutcast. How in the heck do I get .play to play it?

Thanks in advance!

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You will need to create a live stream on your server first.

When you have created the stream, you can play it by calling:

(nc is your NetConnection object)

NetStream liveStream = new NetStream(nc);

Hope this helped.

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Use the root directory ie just the bare url and use shoutcast for the stream identifier

Then there's a bit of a trick to this.

You need to first create a net connection...

var myNC:NetConnection = new NetConnection();

...then WAIT You can't setup a NetStream until the NetConnection connect succeeds

on success you can then create a netstream

var myNS:NetStream = new NetStream(myNC);
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