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I have this query for getting out the total amount of check after discount: Please note that i have to multiply the quantity with price first

SELECT SUM(pino_order_item.ord_item_quan * pino_menu_item.menu_item_price) * (1 - pino_table_order.order_discount)
FROM pino_order_item join pino_menu_item join pino_table_order
WHERE ord_order_id = %s AND menu_item_id = ord_item_mid

I'm trying to echo this on my page with PHP like:

echo number_format($row_get_total['SUM(ord_item_quan * menu_item_price) * (1 - order_discount)'],2);

It's not working at all .. it's giving me totally wrong numbers.

Please help me identify my coding problem and kindly note that all what i want is to multiply the quantity of order item with the price then calculate the discount entered as percentage number (20) or (30) for example and get 2 results (one before discount and one after discount)

Thank you in advance ....

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What are your numbers, what result do you expect and what do you get? –  deceze Jun 8 at 13:26
@deceze .. For example I have (Quantity = 2) (Price = 10.00) (Discount = 0) .... Result -1,900.00 ...... I don't know if this code is right or wrong actually !!?? –  Napster Ahmed Jun 8 at 13:33
If the order_discount is 20 or 30 you need to make it a fraction (ie divide by 100) before subtracting it from 1 –  xd6_ Jun 8 at 13:33
@xd6_ .. My problem is i don't know a lot about math and I don't know how I code math like this what you mentioned .. If you can please mention the all code for it will be great .. thanks –  Napster Ahmed Jun 8 at 13:35
Do you have a discount per item or just one discount for the whole check? The way you did your query you are calculating the sum of the check and then subtracting a discount. –  ForguesR Jun 8 at 13:36

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  • I'm not seeing any group by keyword in the query, if you're trying to get the order total, you will need to group by the order_id.
  • You said the discount value is stored as integers like 20 or 30. Subtracting that from 1 would give you unexpected values like -19 or -29 respectively. Which is probably the cause of the weird number you're complaining about.

Correct SQL should say something like this:

SELECT SUM( tblItems.price ) * ( 1 - ( tblOrders.discount / 100 ) ) AS totalCheck FROM tblItems JOIN tblOrders USING order_id WHERE tblItems.order_id GROUP BY order_id

Then something like this to echo the result:

echo $row[ 'totalCheck' ]

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Thanks a lot for your help .. it works! –  Napster Ahmed Jun 11 at 13:14

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