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I'm developing an iOS library in Xcode that creates a separate .bundle file for its resources. This works fine, but a problem occurs when I add a "resource folder" (a blue folder in xcode) to my resources. They are often not copied after a change because XCode seems to not detect the changes inside those folders. A similair problem is described in Resource files not updating with Xcode 5. I followed the solution given there and created a build phase script that touches the resource folder:

touch -cm "${PROJECT_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}Resources"

I put that script in the build phases of my library file - I first thought it should go in the build phases of my .bundle, but that didn't seem to do anything for some reason. The problem is it's only kind of working. The resources get copied on every SECOND build, but not on every build, which - as you can probably imagine - is very very annoying.

Any ideas why that is and what to do about it? I just want my updated .bundle file to be copied into the app on every build because I update my resource files a lot.


Just to clarify, my build setup is roughly something like this:

  • Test.app
    • Subproject: TestLibrary
    • Run Script: Touch Resources
    • Dependency: TestLibraryResources.bundle
      • Copy Resources into TestLibraryResources.bundle

Test.app is my main Xcode project, the TestLibrary is added to it as a subproject and the TestLibraryResources.bundle is just a build target inside the TestLibrary project that is added to the library as a dependency.


Seems this resolved itself after a few days. No idea why, unfortunately.

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