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Is it possible to use the gapi.client.request to make REST calls to the api I developed using cloud endpoints? I tried and the it made a call to https://content.googleapis.com and not to my gae environment.

I noticed that when I use the http://apis-explorer.appspot.com/apis-explorer/ with my api as the base, it works in the way I'm trying to do in my app. I tried to check the code from explorer to see what it is doing but I couldn't get how to do it.

I'm trying to make the rest call so I don't need to load the the library when the page loads.

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I figured out the way to do it. I need to pass the root parameter when creating the request object.

    'path': '/resource/v1/get',
    'root': 'http://localhost:8080/_ah/api'
    // do something
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