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I'm not sure what to name this question, as I am not sure what the technical name is for the type of program I am talking about.

Is there a program available for Git Bash that is similar to screen, tmux, or byobu? I know all 3 are available for Cygwin, but I can not find information about using them with Git Bash. I like Git Bash because it is simpler and takes up less space, among other things.

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possibly related superuser.com/questions/268042/… –  user2485710 Jun 8 at 17:14
Wow @user2485710, that looks as good as or better than screen/the others! But I'd guess it's for a different purpose & takes up more space. I'll have to research it some more. –  trysis Jun 8 at 17:20
For some reason StackOverflow isn't letting me tag this question as git-bash and keeps changing it to git. –  trysis Jun 8 at 17:25
@trysis, git-bash is a synonym for git. –  Chris Jun 8 at 18:18
Oh... now I feel stupid. –  trysis Jun 8 at 19:48

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