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I want to build a left column on my tablesorter that starts with 1 and it increases its value by 1 for each row the table has. I want that column to be the first one and also, the numbers may not be sorted when I click on any header. Thanks in advance :)

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You can use sequence. –  Ankit Bajpai Jun 9 at 4:42

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Please check out the row numbering widget demo - three versions of this demo can be found on the home wiki page under "Widgets > Other"

// add custom numbering widget
    id: "numbering",
    format: function(table) {
        var c = table.config;
        $("tr:visible", table.tBodies[0]).each(function(i) {
            $(this).find('td').eq(0).text(i + 1);

    theme: 'blue',
    // prevent first column from being sortable
    headers: {
        0: { sorter: false }
    // apply custom widget
    widgets: ['numbering']
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