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I want to create a bridge between my mosquitto broker which runs on my Raspberry Pi and the mosquitto broker from my PC.

In the mosquitto.conf file (on Raspberry Pi) I set the bridge setting as:

connection raspi-PC
address -> Pc address
topic # both 0 local/sensor remote/sensor

The connection seems to be fine but when I try to publish on the local topic I cannot see the message in the subscribed client to the remote/topic.


client1 : mosquitto_pub -t local/sensor/room -m "23C"
client2 : mosquitto_sub -h -t remote/sensor/# ->> here is not published msg

What am I doing wrong ?

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You are missing a final / on the topic remapping strings, as described in the mosquitto.conf man page. You should use:

topic # both 0 local/sensor/ remote/sensor/
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i tried with the final / but that did not help. – ioana Jun 8 '14 at 19:37
It looks as though you publish then subscribe - is that the case? if so, try it the other way around. – ralight Jun 9 '14 at 12:43
Have you enabled log in mosquitto.conf log_dest destinations – Siva Karthikeyan Aug 4 at 3:37

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