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I wrote a program in x64 assembly to replace a string's lower-case letters with stars. The assembly procedure is called from a C++ program and receives an array of chars. The similar logic applied for x86 worked (the difference being registers used etc.), but now the string remains unaltered when built for x64. I use Debian Linux and nasm.

section .text
global  func

    push    rbp
    mov rbp, rsp

; zadanie jako takie
    mov rax, QWORD [rbp+8]
        cmp BYTE [rax], 97
        jl increment
        cmp BYTE [rax], 122
        jg increment
        mov BYTE [rax], 42
        add rax, 1
        cmp BYTE [rax], 0
        jne loop

    mov rax, 0          ;return 0
    mov rsp, rbp
    pop rbp

It is called from the following C++ program:

#include <stdio.h>
#define LENGTH 1024

extern "C" int func(char *a);

int main(void)
  int result;

  char text[LENGTH];
  printf( "Write some string\n" );
  fgets( text, LENGTH -1, stdin );

  printf("String: %s\n", text);
  printf("String: %s\n", text);

  return 0;

If necessary, here's the makefile:


all : asm cc link
asm : 
    $(ASMBIN) -o func.o -f elf64 -l func.lst func.asm
cc :
    $(CC) -m64 -c -g -O0 main.cc
link :
    $(CC) -m64 -o test -lstdc++ main.o func.o
clean :
    rm *.o
    rm test
    rm errors.txt   
    rm func.lst

Additionally, any resources for porting from x86 to x64 would be appreciated.

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Side note: You aren't handling empty strings correctly. You should check for 0 before incrementing. – ikegami Jun 8 '14 at 19:46
x86-64 uses different calling convention. Read the wikipedia article or the abi docs. – Jester Jun 8 '14 at 19:51
@Jester so what's precisely wrong? Somehow I cannot extract it from wiki. – infoholic_anonymous Jun 8 '14 at 19:56
@Jester ok, I got it now, thanks for the hint. What are abi docs btw? – infoholic_anonymous Jun 8 '14 at 20:55
@ikegami your unnecessary question editing changed its meaning. I did not compile the exact same code for both x86 and x64. I said code with the same logic worked for x86 and this one obviously wouldn't, which you would know if you analyzed the code. I was referring to the logic of instructions, the algorithm itself, that worked, in order to stress that the problem lies in differences between assemblies themselves. And with those differences I was asking for help. – infoholic_anonymous Jun 8 '14 at 21:30
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The reason the program does not work is the different calling convention in x64. See: link for reference. The address of the string array wasn't passed on a stack, as it would be the case of x86, but stored in the rdi register. Therefore the solution is to change the instruction loading the array address into:

mov rax, rdi
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