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I try to run a web crawler with python. I receive TypeError:NoneType object is not iterable. You may see the output which shows the error in the bottom side.How can I fix this ? Does anyone have an idea about it?

def Look_up_new(index,ranks,keyword):
    print '\nPrinting the results as is with page rank\n'
    for i in pages:
            print i+" --> "+str(ranks[i])#Displaying the lists, so that you can see the page    rank along side

    print "\nAfter Sorting the results by page rank\n"
    for i in pages:#This is how actually it looks like in search engine results - > sorted by page ran
            print str(it)+'.\t'+i+'\n'

print "Enter the seed page"
print "Enter What you want to search"
    print "Enter the depth you wanna go"
print '\nStarted crawling, presently at depth..'
crawled,index,graph=Crawl_web(seed_page)#printing all the links

ranks=compute_ranks(graph)#Calculating the page ranks
Look_up_new(index, ranks, search_word)

here is the mistake output:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\behzat\Desktop\bgg proje\deneme7.py", line 140, in <module>
Look_up_new(index, ranks, search_word)
File "C:\Users\behzat\Desktop\bgg proje\deneme7.py", line 116, in Look_up_new
for i in pages:
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable
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Clearly Look_up returns None. However, without the definition of that function and some example input data, it's impossible to say more. –  jonrsharpe Jun 8 '14 at 21:09

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