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Before in IIS 6, I could easily map a file to the aspnet_isapi dll file as such:

  1. I would open the IIS Site.
  2. Click on Home Directory
  3. Click on Configuration
  4. Then I would click "Add"
  5. In the executable, I would map to the aspnet_isapi handler dll
  6. In the extension, I would type for example "*.wmv"

And that was it, any users who requested a *.wmv file would be mapped to the asp.net engine which would determine if the user should have access or not.

Now with IIS 8, Windows Server 2012, I try these steps but the file still gets served...

  1. Click on the IIS site
  2. Click on 'http handlers'
  3. Click on 'add script map'
  4. Request path I type "*.wmv"
  5. Executable I type in "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\aspnet_isapi.dll"
  6. Then I hit OK

But the file still gets served in IIS 8 with those steps. In IIS 6, the file does not get served.

Any ideas why there is this difference? This application is a .net 2.0 in classic mode.

Thank you.

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