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I have a string something like that:

nw.str <- "[D][A|D][T|A:D][C|T]"

And I need to split it in this way:

"[D]" "[A|D]" "[T|A:D]" "[C|T]"
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It is considered bad form to cross-post to R-help and SO. –  BondedDust Jun 8 '14 at 22:24

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You can do this in base R just using strsplit and zero-width assertions (they match characters but don't use them up). Basically we look for close braces followed by open braces and open braces preceeded by close braces and split between them....

strsplit( x , "(?<=\\])(?=\\[)"  , perl = TRUE )
#[1] "[D]"     "[A|D]"   "[T|A:D]" "[C|T]"
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Here I use stringr::str_replace_all to insert a space between the values. Then just split that string at the space.

> library(stringr)
> s <- str_replace_all(nw.str, fixed("]["), fixed("] ["))
> strsplit(s, " ")[[1]]  ## or unlist(strsplit(...))
# [1] "[D]"     "[A|D]"   "[T|A:D]" "[C|T]" 

Another way that uses base R (there are many),

> g <- gsub("][", "] [", nw.str, fixed = TRUE)
> unlist(strsplit(g, " "))
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With strapplyc in the gsubfn package we specify what we want to extract (rather than what we want to split at).

In this case we want to extract a left square bracket "\\[" followed by anything ".*?" (but the shortest anything rather than the longest as indicaed by the question mark) followed by a right square brakcet "\\]".


strapplyc(nw.str, "\\[.*?\\]")[[1]]


[1] "[D]"     "[A|D]"   "[T|A:D]" "[C|T]"  
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gsubfn looks like a really useful package. Thanks for introducing me. –  Richard Scriven Jun 9 '14 at 16:39

A qdap approach:

bracketXtract(nw.str, with=TRUE)

##      all1      all2      all3      all4 
##     "[D]"   "[A|D]" "[T|A:D]"   "[C|T]"
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Here is an approach using strsplit:

splitted <- strsplit(nw.str,"][", fixed=TRUE)[[1]]
splitted[[1]] <- paste(splitted[[1]], "]", sep="")
splitted[2:length(splitted)-1] <- paste("[", splitted[2:length(splitted)-1], "]", sep="")
splitted[[length(splitted)]] <- paste("[", splitted[[length(splitted)]], sep="")
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