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Quick question. If I have a form that sends to email, is there a way to make some of the sent text show up bold in the email?

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Quick answer: yes. –  timgeb Jun 8 at 20:41

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In Django 1.7, send_mail() accepts an html_message argument:

If html_message is provided, the resulting email will be a multipart/alternative email with message as the text/plain content type and html_message as the text/html content type.


send_mail('Subject', 'Content', 'sender@example.com', ['nobody@example.com'], 
          html_message='This is <b>HTML</b> Content')

For Django<1.7, you can either use a solution suggested here, or use a third-party, like django-email-html.

Also, there is another third-party package that you should consider using - django-mail-templated. It basically allows you to describe your email messages in django templates. Additionally, it allows to send html messages defined in html block in the template.

For example:

  • create a template

    {% block subject %}
    Email subject
    {% endblock %}
    {% block body %}
    This is a plain text.
    {% endblock %}
    {% block html %}
    This is <b>HTML</b> Content.
    {% endblock %}
  • and send it:

    from mail_templated import send_mail
    send_mail('my_template.tpl', {}, from_email, [user.email])

Hope that helps.

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