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I have a third-party, multi-threaded DLL (with .h file and .def file) that has been compiled using minGW. The DLL uses the Windows threadpool API.

I want to use this DLL from Cygwin. What I'm actually doing is linking to this DLL from Perl XS code, and functionally speaking, this now works fine. (I had to make sure to use __stdcall from the Cygwin side.) I use gcc/g++ v4.8.2.

Now that it works, I'm getting greedy and I want to take advantage of the multi-threading on the DLL side, since there is a great deal of parallelism in the function that the DLL performs.

I shouldn't have to do anything on the Cygwin side to achieve this. And yet the DLL is behaving in a single-threaded way and not showing the speed-up that it should.

Moving completely away from Cygwin is too drastic for me. Is there any kind of clever cross-compiling or whatever that has a chance? I'd be willing to use a different compiler under Cygwin. Apologies if this is an easy question -- I'm not experienced with this.

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