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I'm trying to parse HTML data using KissXML for iphone. I've noticed that I can't have dashes in the id() tag, otherwise it won't evaluate. For example, if I'm trying to get the element at I would do


However, if I try to get at element , and I try


the libxml2 XPATH engine doesn't seem to return anything. It works using the XPATH check for firefox, though. Anyone run into this issue and know of a reason why it's happening or have a workaround (besides using the absolute XPATH path?)

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I don't know much about KissXML or your project. If you are only doing some light Xpath queries I suggest you just try this:


It's basically 2 methods

NSArray *PerformXMLXPathQuery(NSData *document, NSString *query);
NSArray *PerformHTMLXPathQuery(NSData *document, NSString *query);

I had a lot of easy success with this method.

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Hey Bryan, Yea I originally went with that method but I found KissXML to give me much cleaner code in the end since it pretty much conforms to Apple's NSXMLDocument classes. –  Jerry SHen Mar 15 '10 at 20:47

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