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I am developing a WordPress website. I need a slideshow in my page. I already created a slideshow post, and I have the code for the slideshow. My slider just keeps loading and never display the picture. I am checking the script slider.php. Below is an excerpt. I try to test the value of $url. But it doesnt work.

  1. Why the value of $url are not showing?
  2. Is there a better way to test the value of $url (I already activated the WP_DEBUGMODE, but don't know how to use it)

    $url = get_post_custom_values('my_key');
    foreach ($url as $key => $value) {
        echo "$key  => $value ( 'my_key' )<br />";
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You can use var_dump($url); or print_r($url); followed by exit(); and check your source code at the end. –  barell Jun 8 at 21:29
@Alex: The code didn't show up because you have it in the list (in the list because directly after the list). For line-breaks you need to have two spaces at the end to see the break. Just some formatting help. You can review all edits, that way you can see how I did it. –  hakre Jun 8 at 21:35
Thank you for your answers. barell=> I have used your solution, but I still cant see nothing. Am i supposed to look in a file ? Or is the var_dump is suppose to display on screen directly ? –  Alex Jun 8 at 21:53
A var_dump() will end up on the screen. Depending on how your theme works, you may not see this information unless you browse your source code. I personally use this code when I want to see some info: <?php printf ("<pre>\n%s</pre>\n", print_r($url, true) ); ?> –  cpilko Jun 9 at 14:41
Thank you, ill try your method. I definitely saw the result of the var_dump() in the source code. –  Alex Jun 9 at 15:41

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