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Is it possible to find(probably with the mirror API) all classes(in my project) with some metadata annotation?


import 'baz.dart'; //more tagged classes

class A{

class B{


void main() {
 List<ClassMirror> li = getClassMirrorsByTag(#foo);
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Fixed a bit. Now it's as clear as it gets. –  JAre Jun 9 at 3:17

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I have found the answer:


library impl;
@MirrorsUsed(metaTargets: Tag)
import 'dart:mirrors';

class Tag {
  final Symbol name;
  const Tag(this.name);
List<ClassMirror> getClassMirrorsByTag(Symbol name) {
  List<ClassMirror> res = new List<ClassMirror>();
  MirrorSystem ms = currentMirrorSystem();
  ms.libraries.forEach((u, lm) {
    lm.declarations.forEach((s, dm) {
      dm.metadata.forEach((im) {
        if ((im.reflectee is Tag) && im.reflectee.name == name) {
  return res;


library extra;
import 'getClassMirrorsByTag.dart';

class C {}


library  main;
import 'getClassMirrorsByTag.dart';
import 'extra.dart';
class A{}
class B{}

void main() {


[ClassMirror on 'A', ClassMirror on 'C']

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the List<ClassMirror> res = new List<ClassMirror>(); worked fine with classes, but not with functions, do you have an idea if I want to use the same with functions, what shall I use instead of this line, thanks –  Hasan A Yousef Nov 9 at 8:30
@HasanAYousef Function mirrors have type MethodMirror and classes ClassMirror If you replace it with List res = new List(); then you will have mixed type collection of mirrors. –  JAre Nov 9 at 11:10
thanks, can you help with this stackoverflow.com/questions/26826521/… –  Hasan A Yousef Nov 9 at 11:19

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