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I have indexed some documents that have title, content and keyword (multi-value).

I want to search on title and content, and then, within these results boost by keyword.

I have set up my qf as such:

  <str name="qf">
    content^0.5 title^1.0

And my bq as such:

<str name="bq">keyword:(*.*)^1.0</str>

But I'm fairly sure that this is boosting on all keywords (not just ones matching my search term)

Does anyone know how to achieve what I want (I'm using the DisMax query request handler btw.)

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I don't think that's how the boost works. Boost is supposed to specify the importance of a match on a specific field.

So by doing something like content^0.5 title^1.0 keyword^5.0, you can make your queries give extra importance to the keyword.

You might be able to force it by doing a complex query. For instance you can use the "+" operator to make it required. So something like this if you were searching for "query":

+(content:query title:query) keyword:query
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