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I'm trying to figure out Eigenvalues/Eigenvectors for large datasets in order to compute the PCA. I can calculate the Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors for 2x2, 3x3 etc..

The problem is, I have a dataset containing 451x128 I compute the covariance matrix which gives me 128x128 values from this. This, therefore looks like the following:

A = [ [1, 2, 3, 
       2, 3, 1, 
       = 128]
       [5, 4, 1,
        3, 2, 1,
        2, 1, 2,
        = 128]

Computing the Eigenvalues and vectors for a 128x128 vector seems really difficult and would take a lot of computing power. However, if I allow for each of the blocks in A to be a 2-dimensional (3xN) I can then compute the covariance matrix which will give me a 3x3 matrix.

My question is this: Would this be a good or reasonable assumption for solving the eigenvalues and vectors? Something like this:

A is a 2-dimensional vector containing 128x451, foreach of the blocks compute the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the covariance vector, like so:

Eig1 = eig(cov(A[0])) Eig2 = eig(cov(A[1]))

This would then give me 128 Eigenvalues (for each of the blocks inside the 128x128 vector)..

If this is not correct, how does MATLAB handle such large dimensional data?

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What do you mean by "If this is not correct"? And MATLAB can find eigenvectors and eigenvalues of large square matrices in a fraction of a second.. –  Adarsh Chavakula Jun 9 at 16:18
@AdarshChavakula Hey, I'm trying to create an algorithm (in C++) that can calculate the eigenvalues and eigenvectors without the use of third party software.. I can, calculate a 2x2, 3x3 but I'm getting confused on how to calculate it for large square matrices. I don't get quite how matlab does it - Does this make sense? –  user1326876 Jun 9 at 17:04

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Have you tried svd()

Do the singular value decomposition

[U,S,V] = svd(X)

U and V are orthogonal matrices and S contains the eigen values. Sort U and V in descending order based on S.

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my bad i think the question is confusing –  user1326876 Jun 9 at 15:06
What do you mean by confusing? btw, svd for a 451x128 is quite quick I think. –  kkuilla Jun 9 at 15:13

Use the word

[Eigenvectors, Eigenvalues] = eig(Matrix)
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