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I have a VPS from heartinternet which is running WHM, I have created many accounts in the past with no problem but I tried to create another one recently when I got the error:

[A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive][A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]

(It shown twice as above)

There was also a pop up saying: 'Ensuring services are online' which would sit there doing nothing.

I spoke to the guys at heartinternet who asked for the error logs which shown the following error:

Can't call method "errstr" on unblessed reference at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/MysqlUtils/ line 166.

He then replied with this:

I have logged into the server and found additional errors when attempting to set up the account;

Whostmgr::Accounts::Create::__createaccount('hasshell', 1, 'quota', 'unlimited', 'dbuser', '****', 'password', '**********', 'username', '****', 'domain', '****', 'maxftp', 'unlimited', 'cpmod', 'x3', 'plan', '', 'maxlst', 'unlimited', 'dkim', 1, 'hasuseregns', 1, 'contactemail', '*********', 'max_defer_fail_percentage', 'unlimited', 'bwlimit', 'unlimited', 'language', 'en', 'maxpark', 0, 'featurelist', 'default', 'max_email_per_hour', 'unlimited', 'maxaddon', 0, 'sign', '', 'pkgname', '', 'mxcheck', 'local', 'customip', '--Auto Assign--', 'cgi', 1, 'maxsql', 'unlimited', 'maxsub', 'unlimited', 'maxpop', 'unlimited') called at /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/Accounts/ line 2011
Whostmgr::Accounts::Create::_createaccount('hasshell', 1, 'quota', 'unlimited', 'dbuser', '****', 'password', '**********', 'username', '****', 'domain', '****', 'maxftp', 'unlimited', 'cpmod', 'x3', 'plan', '', 'maxlst', 'unlimited', 'dkim', 1, 'hasuseregns', 1, 'contactemail', '*********', 'max_defer_fail_percentage', 'unlimited', 'bwlimit', 'unlimited', 'language', 'en', 'maxpark', 0, 'featurelist', 'default', 'max_email_per_hour', 'unlimited', 'maxaddon', 0, 'sign', '', 'pkgname', '', 'mxcheck', 'local', 'customip', '--Auto Assign--', 'cgi', 1, 'maxsql', 'unlimited', 'maxsub', 'unlimited', 'maxpop', 'unlimited') called at whostmgr/bin/whostmgr5 line 610 

However /usr/local/cpanel/Whostmgr/Accounts/ does not exist and whostmgr/bin/whostmgr5 is encrypted.

Mysql is running and I have restarted whm/cpanel so you could try again now but this is a problem with WHM/cpanel rather than the server.

I tried creating it again but I got the same thing. The only suggestion from heartinternet was to "rebuild the server (after taking a full backup of your data) as a last resort."

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