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Good day,

I have the exact case as in this post: How to set the test case sequence in XUnit

Which points me to this link: http://brice-lambson.blogspot.de/2012/04/xunitnet-extensibility.html

Followed the snippet of code in the post, the one using RunWithAttribute.

But as one of the comments in the post pointed out, once I annotate my test class with [PrioritizedFixture] all of my test classes are no longer recognized by the xUnit Runner in Visual Studio.

Is there anyway to make this work?

*Using VS2013 and xUnit 1.9.2


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I would caution against having a required order. Maybe this is a good time to use setUp() or setUpClass()? –  tar Jun 9 at 11:03
I believe I am having the same issue: once I annotate my test class with [PrioritizedFixture], the individual test methods do not appear to be recognized as tests. The session runner usually picks up the tests dynamically when I run the whole test class... however it doesn't always find all the tests, which is very frustrating... There doesn't appear to be any way to run single tests when using [PrioritizedFixture]. –  sǝɯɐſ Oct 22 at 20:19

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