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I have orm query like tthis:

$userCountries = ORM::factory('User')
                ->select(array(DB::expr('countries.code, COUNT("countries.id") as total')))
                ->on('user.country_id', '=', 'countries.id')
                ->order_by('total', 'DESC')

What i want is country code with total users quantity from country.

I do not know what is wrong here. I spent 3 hours on it with no success.

What is wrong with this query?

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There may be nothing wrong with the query, though you use the ORM library. This means that $userCountries is filled with ORM models of type User. Try rewriting the query using DB::select(), this should only take changing a couple of lines. –  AmazingDreams Jun 12 '14 at 10:29

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Your SELECT Params is wrong ->select('countries.code', array(DB::expr('COUNT("countries.id")', 'total')))

I think the Group by should be ->group_by('countries.name') instead of ->group_by('country.name')

So Your Total Query will look like

$userCountries = ORM::factory('User')
            ->select('countries.code', array(DB::expr('COUNT("countries.id")', 'total')))
            ->on('user.country_id', '=', 'countries.id')
            ->order_by('total', 'DESC')

Check this out...

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thanks, something is wrong here. I have Undefined offset: 1 - error –  masteryoda Jun 16 '14 at 19:05

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