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I'd like to implement a "coordinator" service in Hazelcast, with following requirements:

  • A single instance would exist in a cluster.
  • It would maintain a "coordination state", modify this state via calculations that are performed on the single member owning the instance.
  • Any member of the cluster can send notifications to the coordinator, in response to which the coordinator may recalculate the state.
  • It would broadcast the state after each change to whoever is interested in it, and allow any member to request current state.
  • It would benefit from Hazelcast's fault tolerance, migrating from one member to another just like Hazelcast's partitions do. Data that needs to migrate is the "coordination state".

What would be the best approach to implement this? I'm looking into the SPI, for creating a custom service, and it does look like a doable thing but rather complex. But would there be a simpler possibility? I'm particularly concerned about the correctness of the behaviour in case of partition migration and abrupt termination of the member owning the coordinator.

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