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I am creating a Windows Phone app (XAML/C#) that uploads audio and video to a server. Using VideoCaptureDevice on Windows Phone 8.0 works fine, but it only allows resolutions supported by the device (on a Nokia 625 the smallest is 640 x 480). To get the size down I have upgraded the app to Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight (Developer Preview) to use the Windows.Media.Capture.MediaCapture libraries. This works and the generic Qvga format:

MediaEncodingProfile profile = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp4(Windows.Media.MediaProperties.VideoEncodingQuality.Qvga);

Works on both the Nokia 625 and 520 and gets the resolution down to 320 x 240, but the file size is still ~24MB for 4 minutes of video. If I set a custom resolution like this:

MediaEncodingProfile profile = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp4(Windows.Media.MediaProperties.VideoEncodingQuality.Auto);
profile.Video.Width = 480;
profile.Video.Height = 320;

I get a much smaller file size (4 min == ~6MB, which is odd) but it is corrupted on the 625.

I would like to try it out with other file types, eg .wmv, but:

MediaEncodingProfile profile = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateWmv(Windows.Media.MediaProperties.VideoEncodingQuality.Auto);

Gives a System.Exception "No suitable transform was found to encode or decode the content."

I'm also going to need to do this for audio, ie:

MediaEncodingProfile profile = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp3(Windows.Media.MediaProperties.AudioEncodingQuality.Auto);

But I get the same error.

I suppose I'm asking lots of questions here, but I'm really asking:

  1. What's the best way to reduce video size in Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight?
  2. Can anyone help me apply a suitable transform for .wmv and/or .mp3 recording?
  3. Does anyone know why setting the video resolution manually causes instability?

I have also tried setting the audio properties manually to see if that will get the size down:

MediaEncodingProfile profile = MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp4(Windows.Media.MediaProperties.VideoEncodingQuality.Qvga);
profile.Audio.Subtype = "PCM";
profile.Audio.ChannelCount = 2;
profile.Audio.BitsPerSample = 8;
profile.Audio.SampleRate = 22050;

But this also leads to a corrupted file.

Any help greatly appreciated - have hunted around but found very little on the subject...

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