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I am building an eclipse plugin using SWT as GUI framework. I have understood the handling of the different LayoutManagers, but I am not sure, which "setting" I should use, to appropriately reach, what I want.

Here is my question: I am modeling a gameboard configuration manager. The GUI shows the game board as da grid on an SWT Canvas. The size of the board is changeable by an SWT Scale. Next to the board, I want to place 5 Buttons (http://imgur.com/FctC3dp.png).

Resizing of the canvas works perfectly well. What I want is that the Buttons "stick" to the board when changing the board's size. Also I want the Board to be centered. On the following imgur-links you can see two screenshots. the first is my current GUI (a little modified) and the second is what I want it to look like: http://imgur.com/ntO1rv4,PrP8Yrc

Here is the part of code that initializes the layouts

GridData gridData = new GridData();
gridData.verticalSpan = 2;

boardHandles = new Composite(parent, SWT.NONE);

// Build new board. GameBoardCanvas is a subclass of Canvas, that implements PaintListener and handles the drawing of the board
gameBoardCanvas = new GameBoardCanvas(boardHandles);
gameBoardCanvas.setSize(boardSizeScale.getSelection() * 2 + 11);

gridData = new GridData(GridData.CENTER, GridData.CENTER, true, true);
int cellSize = (boardSizeScale.getMaximum() * 2 + 11) * GameBoardCanvas.FIELDSIZE;
gridData.widthHint = cellSize;
gridData.heightHint = cellSize;

final Composite buttonsComposite = new Composite(boardHandles, SWT.NONE);

// Initialize Buttons

The Buttons are layouted in a vertival Rowlayout with RowData(130,40).

Havong understood the Layouts imo does not mean to be directly able to choose always the best fitting layouts. If you have any ideas, how I can achieve my desired layout, please tell me.

I have intensively searched the database but I have not found an accurate answer to my (quite specific) question. I really hope that someone of you can help me!

Regards Patrick

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