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In the PRISM 5 StockTrader example is a class called NewsController. The only usage in the application is in ArticleNews.xaml.cs:

 public partial class ArticleView : UserControl
    // Note - this import is here so that the controller is created and gets wired to the     article and news reader
    // view models, which are shared instances
#pragma warning disable 169
    private INewsController newsController;
#pragma warning restore 169

I don't understand when and why an instance of NewsController is created.


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The PRISM 5 StockTrader uses MEF as a DI container to resolve dependencies. In this case, the NewsController class is decorated with an Export attribute.


And the ArticleView has a INewsController field decorated with an Import attribute. As soon as the View is created, MEF will inject the dependency.

You might find the following articles useful:

Hope this helps.


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