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I have major difference between google map on 4.4 and 4.1.2/4.3

In 4.4 all the elements(icons on map, cities names etc) look normal but in 4.1.2/4.3 they are seems to be like 40% smaller.

This is a web app with corodova/phonegap.

I added screenshot describing my problem, the are taken in a same location with a same zoom.

Ill be glad if someone can point me why this is so different between those android versions or any direction at all.

I have two major problems:

1.The map is getting small with all elements.

Map on 4.4

map on 4.4

Map on 4.1.2

map on 4.1.2

2.places autocomplete results are also small.

places autocomplete on 4.4

places autocomplete on 4.4

places autocomplete on 4.1.2

places autocomplete on 4.1.2


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Many replies here i see....

The reason was the wrong parameters in meta tag that caused this strange behavior.

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