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At the begging when express-generator couldn't installed I've used

sudo su

To install it, but after reading the following I've done what he said but it didn't helped and now the npm installs express and express-generator into /root/.node

express@4.4.1 /root/.node/lib/node_modules/express

Does anybody knows how to solve it?

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What do you want to happen? I'm not sure which you want - for express to be installed there or for it not to be. Please clarify –  Avery Jun 9 at 14:47
As far as I know it's not good that it's installed into /root so I want it to be installed like it should be –  Yehonatan Jun 9 at 14:52
Why not just delete /root/.node/ and reinstall without sudo or su? –  Avery Jun 9 at 14:53
@Avery because without sudo it's not installing –  Yehonatan Jun 9 at 15:00
Define not installing –  Avery Jun 9 at 15:20

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Fixed it using the following solution that has been suggested here - http://stackoverflow.com/a/20750211/878244

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