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Under windows matplotlib changes the linewidth of white, filled markers when saving as pdf. Saving as PNG works fine. I am using anaconda with python3.3 and matplotlib 1.3.1

I found a closed thread on github: Open markers incorrect in PDF output as well as this SO question matplotlib linewidth when saving a PDF.

Under Linux, using eps or pdf makes no difference.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue ?

The circular markers are cutted at the outside border like masked with a white rectangle.


from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(1.5,1.5))
ax = fig.add_subplot(1,1,1)
fig.savefig('testfig.pdf',bbox_inches='tight', format='pdf')

EDITED: Damn. It is a FoxitReader related issue. With Sumatra PDF everything is fine.

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Can you please provide a minimal code example? What version of mpl are you using? –  tcaswell Jun 9 at 15:32
should i write a bug report ? –  Moritz Jun 9 at 19:43
Is there anyway you can test on the master branch on windows? and are you sure you are using the same version of mpl on both linux and windows? –  tcaswell Jun 9 at 19:49
I am using python3-matplotlib from Debian jessie. It is 1.3.1-1 . –  Moritz Jun 9 at 20:47
I do not know anything about a master branch in windows but i tested it with python2.7 and matplotlib 1.3.1 . All installed with anacondas apkg.Here is a link with the output pdf: bokubox.boku.ac.at/#f170d5bf871729a039779c4a2be2a345 –  Moritz Jun 9 at 20:56

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