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I know that is possible to save a trained ANN into a file using CvFileStorage, but I really don't like the way that CvFileStorage saves the training, then I was wondering: Is that possible to retrieve the informations of a training and save it in a custom way?

Thanks in advance.

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Just look at xml structure, it's very simple. The names of objects are the same as in ANN class. Here is a XOR solving network:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<my_nn type_id="opencv-ml-ann-mlp">
  <layer_sizes type_id="opencv-matrix">
      2 3 1</data></layer_sizes>
    2. -1. 2. -1.</input_scale>
    5.2631578947368418e-001 4.9999999999999994e-001</output_scale>
    1.8999999999999999e+000 -9.4999999999999996e-001</inv_output_scale>
      -3.8878915951440729e+000 -3.7728173427563569e+000
      -1.9587678786875042e+000 3.7898767378369680e+000
      3.0354324494246829e+000 1.9757881693499044e+000
      -3.5862527376978406e+000 -3.2701446005792296e+000
      3.1017381376627204e+000 1.1052842857439200e+000
      -4.6739037571329822e+000 3.2282702769334666e+000</_></weights></my_nn>

You can save the same parameters to you oun formated file. Some of the fields are protected, but you can make child class from CvANN_MLP and make your oun file saver.

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Nice suggestion, thanks. –  SH.0x90 Jun 9 '14 at 23:09

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