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I am writing a pre-commit hook. I want to run php -l against all files with .php extension. However I am stuck.

I need to obtain a list of new/changed files that are staged. deleted files should be excluded.

I have tried using git diff and git ls-files, but I think I need a hand here.

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That's pretty nice. It does not handle partially staged files however. See my comment to @LarryH's answer. –  igorw Feb 3 '12 at 10:35

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git diff --cached --name-status will show a summary of what's staged, so you can easily exclude removed files, e.g.:

M       wt-status.c
D       wt-status.h

This indicates that wt-status.c was modified and wt-status.h was removed in the staging area (index). So:

steve@arise:~/src/git <master>$ git diff --cached --name-status | awk '$1 != "R" { print $2 }'

You will have to jump through extra hoops to deal with filenames with spaces in though (-z option to git diff and some more interesting parsing)

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Thanks, that's a good start. However, if I change a file without staging it, it's still displayed. I am running git version (recent custom build). Not sure if this is intended behavior. –  igorw Mar 10 '10 at 16:10
That sounds odd. The "--cached" switch should make it only show files that have been staged: although I'm testing this with 1.6.5, it seems surprising that that would have changed... does "git diff --cached" on its own show the unstaged changes? –  araqnid Mar 10 '10 at 17:18
After some debugging I was able to track it back to an other cause. Thanks a lot! –  igorw Mar 10 '10 at 17:32
In case anyone is interested in the result: github.com/evil3/phpbb3/compare/git-tools –  igorw Mar 10 '10 at 19:22

A slightly neater way of obtaining the same list is:

git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=ACM

This will return the list of files that need to be checked.

But just running php -l on your working copy may not be the right thing to do. If you are doing a partial commit i.e. just selecting a subset of the differences between your current working set and the HEAD for the commit, then the test will be run on your working set, but will be certifying a commit that has never existed on your disk.

To do it right you should extract the whole staged image to a temp area and perform the test there .

rm -rf $TEMPDIR
mkdir -p $TEMPDIR
git checkout-index --prefix=$TEMPDIR/ -af
git diff --cached --name-only --diff-filter=ACM | xargs -n 1 -I '{}' \bin\echo TEMPDIR/'{}' | grep \\.php | xargs -n 1 php -l

See Building a better pre-commit hook for Git for another implementation.

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It is actually possible to pipe the file contents to php -l. And that's what we ended up with. See here: github.com/phpbb/phpbb3/blob/develop-olympus/git-tools/hooks/… –  igorw Jun 19 '10 at 11:50
To check the syntax of a staged file, you can use git show :FILENAME | php -l. –  Aad Mathijssen Nov 26 '14 at 9:38

Here is what I use for my Perl checks:

git diff --cached --name-status | while read st file; do
        # skip deleted files
        if [ "$st" == 'D' ]; then continue; fi
        # do a check only on the perl files
        if [[ "$file" =~ "(.pm|.pl)$" ]] && ! perl -c "$file"; then
                echo "Perl syntax check failed for file: $file"
                exit 1

for PHP it will look like this:

git diff --cached --name-status | while read st file; do
        # skip deleted files
        if [ "$st" == 'D' ]; then continue; fi
        # do a check only on the php files
        if [[ "$file" =~ ".php$" ]] && ! php -l "$file"; then
                echo "PHP syntax check failed for file: $file"
                exit 1
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Pretty good, but doesn't work for partially staged files, because it reads the whole file. –  igorw Nov 6 '10 at 11:00

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