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I want to screencast an application in windows. What good options are out there? I just want it for 1-3 videos, so I prefer free but am willing to pay if have to.


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up vote 2 down vote accepted from our very own Jeff Atwood might be useful.

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Dead link - redirects home. – Chloe Jun 24 '14 at 18:26
Thanks Chloe - I've updated the link now. – robintw Jun 25 '14 at 10:05

Debugmode Wink is free, and pretty feature packed.

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Take a look at Windows Media Encoder

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Wink rocks

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I am a Mac man myself so I could be wrong about this, I have been told that Fraps might be of use.

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HyperCam is cheap shareware and works on Vista. CamStudio is GPL but has issues with Vista. CamTasia will definitely work but is expensive after the 30 day trial.

CamTasia's editor lets you zoom, pan, add annotations etc - it is worth the money if you're doing a lot of screencast editing.

ScreencastOMatic is java-based and free, limited to 15 mins I believe, doesn't do zooming.

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Try, no install and screencasts are instantly viewable.

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Their certificate expired years ago. Chrome blocks it. – Chloe Jun 24 '14 at 18:32

Personally I have very good experiences with Camtasia. For an example of what it'll look like, check out the summer of nHibernate screencasts.. Just using windows movie maker/media encoder works too, but because the codec it uses isn't optimized for screencasts you'll either get a lot of compression artifacts, or a very big file.

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I personally have used Camtasia in the past and found it to be really good. However, it costs (a lot!)..

Good question.. I was thinking of perhaps getting more into this myself, both to help my study as well as obviously give something back to the community..

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I just installed Community Clips from Microsoft Office Labs. It seems to do the job.

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Camtasia trial (

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  • BB Flashback
  • CamStudio
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Jing! Techsmith again, but this is free.

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I use a combination of Luminosity's SoftCam and uStream to do live otherwise I SnagIt, to capture and record.

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A search on SO might have turned up the following question: Tips on recording a webcast. See the various apps that are mentioned in that thread --- there are a lot of options, both free and commercial!

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Camtasia Studio works very well. Its awesome.

Also the free CamStudio is okay for basic screen capture.

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