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So I have the following code, most of which is default, and the Added bit at the bottom is there so the sub menu of the selected parent page is visible.

Issue is, when I hover over a new main menu li (i.e. a new parent page), the sub menu of both overlap each other.

Can someone please describe the CSS that allows me to hide the li.current-menu-item > ul when a different .nav li :hover occurs?

Website: http://bit.ly/1pFG7dE

.nav {
border: 0;
ul { margin-top:0;}
li {float: left;}

ul.sub-menu, ul.children {
position: absolute;
visibility: hidden;

li {

    a {
    margin-left: 10px;
    border-right: 0;
    display: inline-block;

    ul {

/* showing sub-menus */
&:hover > ul {
top: auto;

} /* end .menu ul li */

/* Added so menu is visible*/
li.current-menu-item > ul,
li.current_page_item > ul,
li.current_page_ancestor > ul {

} /* end .nav */

Thanks so much!

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Can we see an example of this? like on a url? js fiddle? –  Chun Jun 9 '14 at 21:48
Added to the question. Thanks! –  jerrysam Jun 11 '14 at 10:36

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Well, the action you added it makes the current sub-page always visible, so even though you hover another sub-page, that previous list will still be there because you are saying it to be there by your last code that you added, so when you hover another page it gets above of the current highlighted one. So you can't have the 2 at once, unless you erase the hover animation.

So I'm assuming that you want to have the current page highlighted so users can see where they are. Delete the old code you created and add this one:

.nav .current-menu-item > a{color:#fff;background-color:#000;}
/* Style it as you want */

Or if you want the user's path to be always visible to them, you can just add breadcrumbs which is something like this: Breadcrumbs Example

Here's the code:

Put this in functions.php

function the_breadcrumb() {
    if (!is_home()) {
        echo '<a href="';
        echo get_option('home');
        echo '">';
        echo "</a> » ";
        if (is_category() || is_single()) {
            if (is_single()) {
                echo " » ";
        } elseif (is_page()) {
            echo the_title();

And put this code wherever you want it to appear, I guess it's on single.php or page.php or index... it depends of your theme. The best place is above of "if have posts while have posts" statement. Here's the code

<?php the_breadcrumb(); ?>
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Unfortunately I have to work to a very specific design, so breadcrumbs is not an option. I haven't tried it, but I this the code provided at the top won't do what I need? I need the sub-menu to be always visible, unless the mouse is over the menu. i.e. the thing I added needs to not exist when the menu is being hovered over.. –  jerrysam Jun 10 '14 at 13:35
Well...try adding z-index or position:absolute; on it. It's not the right way to do it, but I think it will do the work. –  Chun Jun 10 '14 at 20:09
Those attributes are already on the website. I am starting to think that I need some JQuery to detect when the mouse hovers the menu and deactivate that CSS..? –  jerrysam Jun 11 '14 at 10:34

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