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I'm writing a template on bottle for every request. So localhost and locahost/mypage and localhost/mypage/about will call the same template. I checked here and find some good examples on matching all urls like this:

from bottle import route, run, template, static_file
def hello(url):     
   return template('page_template', url=url)    

@route('/static/<filepath:path>', name='static')
def server_static(filepath):
    return static_file(filepath, root='static')


My questions are: 1) It doesn't match root. So if I type "localhost", it doesn't work. 2) Since there are static files, I have another route for static files serving. So if I type localhost/static/page, it doesn't return "hello world".

I believe I need to modify the regex (/<:re:.+>) to deal with both situations. Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Don't know much bottle but do you need a 'url' in there? stackoverflow.com/a/8189597/792238 –  Siddhartha Jun 9 at 17:59
Thanks for pointing it out. I have edited it, –  mindbodyheart09 Jun 9 at 19:42
(FTR, best to ask one question per post.) –  ron.rothman Jun 10 at 4:06

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Good news: You can "stack" routes quite straightforwardly. Just do this:

def hello(url):     
   return template('page_template', url=url)    

That will treat root the same as your existing regex route.

As for overlapping routes, according to the documentation, dynamic routes are evaluated in the order in which they were defined.

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