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I have a web application running and we are adding a mobile version. The mobile site is contained in a subfolder of the main site(i.e Main Site at c:\Site, mobile site at c:\site\mobile). The mobile site has sub directories for images, js, css and secured content. We are setting up m.site.com to load the mobile site. In the html, I would like to reference the images, js, css folders by a virtual directory (i.e. /mobile/images, /mobile/css); however, I don't want to have web.config conflicts, so setting up a virtual directory for m.example.com that points to c:\site\mobile seems like a bad idea. We have clients that already access the mobile site at http://www.example.com/mobile. Is there a way to setup a virtual directory that points back to the root without conflicting with web.config? Is there a better way of doing this?


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