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I'm trying to create a moodle profile field plugin for file upload.
my edit_field_add in field.class is:

function edit_field_add(&$mform) {
    $maxlength = 1024*1024;
    $fieldtype = $this->field->param2;

    /// Create the form field
    $mform->addElement('filepicker', $this->inputname, format_string($this->field->name), null,
               array('maxbytes' => $maxlength, 'accepted_types' => $fieldtype));

This shows and saves file correctly but
Saves a number in data field of plugin (e.g. 766686554)
How can I find the URL to the uploaded file to make a link to it by display_data in 'field.class` ?


I'm saving the file by this:

function edit_save_data_preprocess($data, &$datarecord) {
    if (empty($entry->id)) {
        $entry = new stdClass;
        $entry->id = 0;
    $context = context_user::instance($this->userid);
    file_save_draft_area_files($draftitemid, $context->id, 'profile_field_fileupload', $this->inputname,$entry->id);

    return $draftitemid;


But draft still exists and I cant find how to retrieve saved file!

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Assuming you have saved the file after the form has been posted -

Then you can use the File API to retrieve the file(s) -

eg to display links to all files for the plugin:

$out = array();

$fs = get_file_storage();
$files = $fs->get_area_files($contextid, $pluginname, $pluginfolder);

foreach ($files as $file) {
    $filename = $file->get_filename();
    $url = moodle_url::make_file_url('/pluginfile.php', array(
         $file->get_filepath(), $filename)
    $out[] = html_writer::link($url, $filename);

$br = html_writer::empty_tag('br');
echo implode($br, $out);
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I'm saving file by file_save_draft_area_files; but draft still exists and I can't find out how to find the result file! please check my edit –  4r1y4n Jun 9 '14 at 23:24

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