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I want that cms\framework to create me tables like "Users" "Cameras" and so on and declare classes and simple default methods for them (like paged sql relults and so on).

I mean I say to it: I want Users to have ID, SpecialNumber and Name Flilds. and I want to get from it class for table generation (to call it once) and class containing methods such as Search by ID, SpecialNumber and Name, Create User, Delit User and so on functions.

Is there any framework/cms like this for working with CODE not ui's and so on... so to say PHP generator or something...

The result should be as that framework free as possible.

So Is there any free, open source php CMS\framework for described case?

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I want to use apache with php 5.2 – Rella Mar 9 '10 at 21:51
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Cake PHP is a framework that takes the code generation approach, corresponds to your description, and is pretty mature.
I personally dont find code generation (scaffolding) that much of a deal, you end up rewriting it anyway, I would use Zend Framework and code my stuff, or write my own codegen commands if it's important for the project.

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You might wish to consider SilverStripe which takes subclasses of SiteTree (if I recall correctly) and creates tables and an administrative interface for them.

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