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I am having a jQuery Issue, Understand I am no jQuery expert so bear with me. I am trying to install this Owl Responsive slider on magento and I am having an issue with this "

Uncaught typeError: Cannot read property 'owlCarousel' of null in Chrome console

Screenshot of Uncaught typeError: Cannot read property 'owlCarousel' of null


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$('#owl-demo') is null. Check first in console if this element exists. –  Coderaemon Jun 10 at 6:03
@Coderaemon yes the element #owl-demo does exist! –  Rudy Jessop Jun 10 at 6:11
at document ready #owl-demo should exist so that handler can be attached to it. Are you generating #owl-demo dynamically? –  Coderaemon Jun 10 at 6:34

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By default magento use prototypejs framework which uses $ as global variable. if you include other javascript plugins like jQuery which also use $ as global variable, there will be a clash in variables related to prototypejs and jquery. This conflict can be resolved by assigning different name to global variable of jquery plugin.

To do that, use the following code above in all files wherever you are planning to use jQuery instead of prototype.

var $j = jQuery.noConflict();

That means you should use $j instead of $. Something like this:


Also you can use jQuery variable.

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I already added the noConflict() to jQuery this issues is already resolved. I need to figure out why I'm getting is Uncaught typeError: Cannot read property 'owlCarousel' of null –  Rudy Jessop Jun 10 at 6:10
@RudyJessop ohh sorry.. may be #owl-demo element is not present.. –  Mr_Green Jun 10 at 7:18
When you've added noConflict() then $ isn't jQuery anymore. Use jQuery('#owl-demo') instead to select the element. –  dlaxar Jun 10 at 13:06
If you guys would look at the screenshot you would see that the element is there [link]dropbox.com/s/695g52su2go0ufe/… –  Rudy Jessop Jun 10 at 14:47
@dlaxar No way dude, your awesome. I removed jQuery(document).ready(function()) and it works. Thanks a million man.! –  Rudy Jessop Jun 10 at 15:10

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