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I have a script that uses the nltk python library. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how one would install this library and potentially other libraries as well on AWS/EC2. This is a standalone script.

I figured it might be done with the aws cli but the documentation on Amazon seems to be lacking a bit.

Can someone help a complete Python newb with some Python and AWS?!?! :) Thanks!

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Normally when you fire up an AWS instance you select an "Image".

These are called Amazon Machine Images or AMI for short.

Typically you would select say (for example) an "Ubuntu" AMI.


Select the appropriate AMI and then perform some steps similar to:

  1. Configure and Start your Instance
  2. Shell into your Instance
  3. Run: apt-get install python-setuptools
  4. Run: easy_install nltk

You may also find the Python package(s) you're looking for already available in the repositories of the Distribution/Image you've selected.

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