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We're writing an SDK for a CAD program and have run into a slight disagreement regarding a specific type of function (not just disagreement between different people, also disagreement between my two brain-halves).

Imagine there's a lot of classes for specific curve types (ellipse, circle, arc, line, bezier etc.). All of these classes can be represented by a Nurbs curve. So should we put the Circle->Nurbs function on Circle:

public NurbsCurve Circle.ToNurbsCurve()
  // Return a circular NurbsCurve or null if the Circle is invalid.

or should it be a static on NurbsCurve:

public static NurbsCurve NurbsCurve.CreateFromCircle(Circle)
  // Return a circular NurbsCurve or null if the Circle is invalid.
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One option would be extension methods. public static NurbsCurve ToNurbs(this Circle circle) {} –  Chris Farmer Mar 9 '10 at 23:05
@Chris, that wouldn't really make sense here... it is the Circle that knows how it should be converter to a NurbsCurve, not the NurbsCurve class. Extension methods are a cool feature, but many people (including me) overuse them –  Thomas Levesque Mar 9 '10 at 23:09

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I think I'd go for the first (e.g. on the shape classes, maybe even with a common base class or interface like IConvertibleToNurbsCurve), because this makes it easier if you add other shapes later which are also convertible to a NurbsCurve.

The NurbsCurve seems to be less specialized and therefore should not "know" about the more specialized types IMHO.

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Thanks Lucero. good point about adding more classes later. –  David Rutten Mar 9 '10 at 23:16

I would put it in the Circle class, because it's the one that knows how it should be converted to a NurbsCurve. The NurbsCurve class isn't supposed to know about all specific types of curve. That way, if you create a new type of curve, you won't have to modify the NurbsCurve class.

BTW, I suggest you declare the ToNurbsCurve method in an interface implemented by all curves (or declare it virtual in an abstract base class)

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Thanks Thomas. Regarding the Interface comment, we unfortunately have many different ToXxxx() functions so using interfaces for all of them would become somewhat unwieldy. –  David Rutten Mar 9 '10 at 23:17

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