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I can import the Play2 project in eclipse, and work on scala files, but the problem is I can't open view files likes 'index.scala.html'. When I try to open the file I get following error.

Could not open the editor: Editor could not be initialized.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: scala/util/parsing/input/Positional
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.lexical.TemplatePartitionTokeniser.getScalaCommentAndPlainRegions(TemplatePartitionTokeniser.scala:28)
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.lexical.TemplatePartitionTokeniser.tokenise(TemplatePartitionTokeniser.scala:66)
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.sse.lexical.TemplateTextRegionsComputer.tokens$lzycompute(TemplateRegionParser.scala:98)
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.sse.lexical.TemplateTextRegionsComputer.tokens(TemplateRegionParser.scala:96)
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.sse.lexical.TemplateTextRegionsComputer.<init>(TemplateRegionParser.scala:128)
at org.scalaide.play2.templateeditor.sse.lexical.TemplateRegionParser.reset(TemplateRegionParser.scala:84)

But there is no problem opening other files. I don't know what's wrong. btw, I used typesafe-activator to create play project.

I will appreciate any suggestions, solutions or workarounds to make it work.

Thank you.

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