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I want to create whois class like that

public class DomainInfo

     public string NameServer {get;set;}        
     public string CreationDate {get;set;}
     public string UpdatedDate {get;set;} 
     public string ExpirationDate {get;set;}
     public string Status {get;set;}        
     public string RegistrantName {get;set;}
     public string RegistrantOrganization {get;set;}
     public string Registrantemail {get;set;}        
     public static DomainInfo Parse(string inputData)

But I have some problems because different DNS servers return different answers and it's a very difficult task to parse returned answers. How can this be done?

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You mean "different whois servers"? Because DNS servers are not whois servers, it is a completely different protocol. – bortzmeyer Mar 10 '10 at 16:29
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Here is a link to a blog post with some C# code that might help:

You could probably tweak the parsing code as you run into instances where you are not getting the data you need but I don't think there is a one shoe fits all solution.

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This link doesn't seem to work any more. – Kyle Baran Dec 22 '12 at 20:50

It can't be done without implementing a parser for every whois database you come across.

Whois has no standardized format, most registries don't even have all that info available over whois but instead give you a handle that you can check over HTTP while filling out a captcha:

$ whois
% Kopibeskyttet, se
% Rights restricted by copyright. See

Domain Information

Domain Name................:
Organization Handle........: GNA78O-NORID
Registrar Handle...........: REG466-NORID
Legal-c Handle.............: RH1355P-NORID
Tech-c Handle..............: JM722P-NORID
Zone-c Handle..............: JM722P-NORID
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