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I would like to use modernizr with yepnope for polyfills on the IE8 browser.I found that when I just use yepnope to load json2 it fails on the browser possibly because the Expires header is not set.


I am working with Servlet/JSP system,so how can I send this header in order for the yepnope library to work?

I have tried this:

  //this is for the yepnope library
  long now = System.currentTimeMillis();
  response.addDateHeader("Expires", now+5184000 * 1000);

It says that JSON is undefined.

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Expires header is only optimization thing. You can influence it only if you are the server owner (in this case I guess you don't own the cdnjs.cloudflare.com and you don't run any code there). Your "JSON is undefined" may be related to the fact that you try to run your code too soon. Try using yepnope's complete: callback –  xmojmr Jun 11 '14 at 5:37

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