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Iam writing an application using Zend Framework 1.10.2.

I created few model classes and a controller to process them.

When Iam executing my application and accessing the admin controller. Iam seeing this error.

Fatal error: Class 'Application_Model_DbTable_Users' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\bidpopo\application\controllers\AdminController.php on line 16

The error clearly shows its an autoloading error.

Hence I wrote this code in the bootstrap file.

    protected function initAutoload()
    $modeLoader = new Zend_Application_Module_AutoLoader(array
        ('namespace'=>'','basePath'=>APPLICATION_PATH ));
    return $modeLoader;

Still the error remains :( . Can anyone suggest me what Iam missing out here?

This is the location of the Model Users class.


This is its code.

    class Application_Model_DbTable_Users extends Zend_Db_Table_Abstract
    //put your code here
protected $_name='users';

public function getUser($id)
    $id = (int)$id;
    $row = $this->fetchrow('id='.$id);
    {throw new Exception("Could not find row id - $id");}
    return $row->toArray();   

public function addUser($userDetailArray)

public function updateUser($id,$userDetailArray)

public function deleteUser($id)
    $this->delete('id='. (int)$id);


This is the Admin Controller's code

class AdminController extends Zend_Controller_Action

    public function init()
        /* Initialize action controller here */

    public function indexAction()
        $this->view->title= "All Users";

        $users = new Application_Model_DbTable_Users();
        $this->view->users = $users->fetchAll();

    public function addUserAction()
        // action body

    public function editUserAction()
        // action body

    public function deleteUserAction()
        // action body
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You application classes don't follow the proper naming convention for the namespace you've set. The Zend_Application_Module_AutoLoader is a little different than the normal autoloader in that it doesn't simply change the '_' in the class name with '/'. It looks at the second part of the class name and then checks a folder for the existence of the class based on that.

You need to change the line:

$modeLoader = new   Zend_Application_Module_AutoLoader(array(

This means it will autoload all module classes prefixed with 'Application_'. When it the second part of the class is 'Model_' it will look in "{$basePath}/models" for the class. The '_' in the rest of the class name will be replaced with '/'. So the file path of the file will be "{$basePath}/models/DbTable/Users.php".

Read more here.

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