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How can i make individual column search delay. So it automatically search for column input after few sec's and not on key press. I have read over the internet. Here is the duplicate question on stackoverflow jQuery DataTable column filters with delay search until 3+ characters or enter key but there no one posted a solution for it.

jQuery.fn.dataTableExt.oApi.fnSetFilteringDelay = function ( oSettings, iDelay ) {
        var _that = this;

        if ( iDelay === undefined ) {
            iDelay = 500;

        this.each( function ( i ) {
            $.fn.dataTableExt.iApiIndex = i;
                $this = this,
                oTimerId = null,
                sPreviousSearch = null,
                anControl = $( 'input', _that.fnSettings().aanFeatures.f );

                anControl.unbind( 'keyup search input' ).bind( 'keyup', function() {
                var $$this = $this;

                if (sPreviousSearch === null || sPreviousSearch != anControl.val()) {
                    sPreviousSearch = anControl.val();
                    oTimerId = window.setTimeout(function() {
                        $.fn.dataTableExt.iApiIndex = i;
                        _that.fnFilter( anControl.val() );
                    }, iDelay);

            return this;
        } );
        return this;

above code is for global search delay. Can someone provide solution for delaying the search on individual column filter fields?

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yadcf plugin for datatables offers this out of the box + it has 10 different filter types

its called filter_delay , you can see it in action yadcf - Server side source example

p.s I'm the author of yadcf

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